Miller Paneling Specialties has been supplying and installing FRP wall paneling systems throughout the USA for over 35 years.


We work alongside industry-leading manufacturers, including Nudo, Marlite and Crane, to provide our customers with a comprehensive range of FRP solutions.

The durable nature and easy-to-clean surface of FRP meets the high sanitary protocols for healthcare facilities and commercial kitchens. FRP is also an excellent choice for wet areas, due to its high water-resistant quality. The most popular FRP finishes are the smooth and pebbled. However, our range of decorative FRP provides you with many more options, too. 


FRP project applications include:​


·      Commercial Kitchens

·      Restrooms

·      Dining Rooms

·      Offices and Classrooms

·      Healthcare

·      Corridors

·      Recreational public-use facilities such as Gymnasiums 


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