Miller Paneling Specialties is a premier contractor for high-containment and clean-room projects. Since the late 1990s, we have worked closely with many of the USA’s top biosecurity laboratories, pharmaceutical production plants and research facilities. This has given us a greater understanding of design requirements, government accreditations and other important factors that impact clean room environments. 


Clean room panels are now a regulated requirement in many industry sectors where high-containment and clean-room spaces are essential to reduce airborne contamination and provide a hygienic manufacturing, or testing, environment that is easy to clean and maintain. 


Over the years, Miller Paneling Specialties has worked closely with architects and end-users to develop new high-containment and clean-room spaces. We are also able to offer solutions to remedy issues with existing wall lining products that no longer meet the standards of the required industry regulations. Our range of clean room products include Altro, Arcoplast, Crane Composites, Stainless Steel and Genesis Panel Systems.


Clean room wall linings are typically used in environments where food or pharmaceutical products are created, or where laboratory tests or scientific experiments are conducted, e.g.: 


·      Science Facilities

·      Biosafety Laboratories

·      Animal Research Laboratories

·      Pharmaceutical Production Areas

·      Hospitals

·      Food Processing Facilities

·      Gross Manufacturing Process (GMP)


For more information, please contact:

David Miller

C: 530-662-0860


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